Bi-fold brochure design for school

There is always a story behind every work ! know our work process for brouchure design

There is always a story behind every work. Grow Eigo English School is a newly opened English school in Chiba, Japan. They wanted to design a stunning brochure to present their school to their potential clients.
Now, any client has mixed feelings while working with some new design company. We are no exception for this rule.

When we came in contact with the owner of Grow Eigo, her vision was clear but it was all inside the mind. But as it happens with all of us, it was quite tough to formulate this vision in clear words & graphics.

At ARKIT, we understand this thoroughly as we have been on the other side of the table as well. To solve this “unclear idea” problem, we created a format of simple and interesting questions which helped us to understand the client’s expectations.

This process minimizes the client’s work & saved a lot of time for them. Once we got a clear idea about their requirements, the task was super easy and exciting.

We have followed the below process to make their work perfect. We updated them at each step to clear the idea and to refrain from any miscommunication.

  1. Decide the size
  2. Finalize the layout
  3. Write the content
  4. Design phase
  5. Get approval from the client
  6. Print order
  7. Deliver and get a big smile on their face

Client review: “Thank you for the wonderful design, it looks beautiful” – Owner Grow Eigo English School

Usually, with hardcore Japanese companies, graphics designing is too expensive. Also, the language barrier stops you from conveying your ideas to the designers. You may think of getting it done from a freelancer to save the cost, but there is always a worry about the quality. You may always need a professional & reliable option locally (in your budget), which can not only do their job but also provide expert consultation to you for converting your ideas into reality. This is where ARKIT comes into the picture!

Do you have any project in mind which you want to implement? There is no harm in checking out the new option.  You can always check our work samples here. Even if your idea is different than what we have done until now, we are always open to customizing our design service.

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